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The Changing Face of Christian Politics

Michael Wear has written an insightful article in The Atlantic called, “The Changing Face of Christian Politics.” He articulates what several of us have been feeling for quite some time—there’s a new wind blowing.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe for one minute that partisan politics is the vehicle for the work of the Kingdom of Heaven. But that’s the beauty of what Wear describes. The new “politics” are not partisan.

Wear states…

“Rather than discarding old ideas, Christians returned to the basics, shedding some of the political baggage and layers of allegiances gained in the previous century to return to their most fundamental allegiance: to Jesus and to people. They are reaching for a new equilibrium between the prophetic and the pastoral, between mercy and justice, the aspiration of holiness and the free gift of grace.”

This reminds us that Jesus’ words, teachings and actions were indeed political, but not in the manner that Americans view politics. Jesus cared for the polis—the city, the population—and how the systemic forces of violence and oppression impacted those who were created in God’s image.

Wear believes that we will see 2013 as a pivotal year in how American Christians approach social change, for “it is the case that in 2013, for the first time in decades, the loudest Christian voices were the peacemakers. The hopeful. The grace-givers.”

That’s good news!

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