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Louder Than Words

Dr. Al Truesdale has had a huge impact on my life. I took classes from him in Philosophy of Religion and in Christian Ethics at Nazarene Theological Seminary. He was greatly instrumental in enlarging my view of our faith and instilling within me a passion for social justice.

In a recent article entitled, “Louder Than Words,” Dr. Truesdale compared the level of expertise and evidence we demand from our physicians when it comes to our physical needs to the haphazard way people often approach their faith. In a hypothetical letter to her brother, “Agnes” states…

Where your physical well-being is concerned, you objectively examine all possible medical procedures, consult the best authorities, dismiss baseless rumors, and reject superstitions. But when it comes to your religious beliefs, all that caution and objectivity seem to fly out the window…. When religion is involved you seem to value your own subjective opinions above everything else. I’ve heard you dismiss the work of reputable Bible scholars just because they didn’t agree with how you think the Bible should be interpreted. When it comes to the Bible, your own private opinions seem to pass for ageless truth.”

Check out the entire letter. It’s a good (and important) read.

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