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Jesus Wants to Save Christians

One of the reasons the Bible is so often misinterpreted is because we read it as though it is a 21st century, western work. It's not. So when interpreting the scriptures we must start with the settings in which they were originally heard.

The Bible was birthed and written among oppressed people. Did you ever stop to think about that? Almost all of the Bible was written by the oppressed. Understanding that opens our understanding to so many of the teachings of scripture, particularly those of the prophets and Jesus.

Rob Bell and Don Golden do a good job of cracking open the door to that understanding in a brief book called, Jesus Wants to Save Christians: A Manifesto for the Church in Exile. I finally got around to reading it and I'm glad I did.

It will disturb you. But that's good. It may even anger you. But that's good. And if you get mad at chapter five ("Swollen-Bellied Black Babies, Soccer Moms on Prozac, and the Mark of the Beast"), please don't put the book down. See it through to the end.

I think this book is important, because the only thing worse than being in exile is being in exile and not knowing it.

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