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The Urgency of Civility

Today I received my December issue of Sojourners. When I read Jim Wallis' editorial, The Urgency of Civility, I knew I had to share it with you.

I feel very strongly that our leaders have failed us on the issue of health insurance reform. We have a problem. But instead of watching intelligent people getting in the same room and sitting around the same table searching for solutions, we have watched our legislators treat one another as political enemies. Any leader knows that more can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit. But we cannot find a healthy response to the problem because our two major political parties seem to think that it is unthinkable to actually compromise with one another for the good of the people.

But it is not just our politicical leaders. The pundits have enthusiastically chimed in to vilify those with whom they disagree. And it has trickled all the way down to us. Most people I speak to are preoccupied with the politics of it, rather than trying to discover what would be best for every American.

I've hesitated to talk about this because I don't want to come off so negative about our leaders. Too late. So, don't listen to me, but read Wallis' commentary. I love the subtitle -- "Respecting the image of God in one another." For those of us who call ourselves Christians, that seems like a perfect starting point.

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